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Zusquoid, the Aztec Chocolate Liquidizer

Zusquoid, the Aztec Chocolate Liquidizer

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Style:  Imperial Pastry Stout with cacao, quinca, pepers, cinamon
Vol:  44cl
ABV:  11%
Nuts / Peanut: No
BBD: 27-09-2024

The wheels are turning. The Mayan God from the Moersleutel Universe is visiting the world of the mere mortals. They worship him by buying tin objects, in the form of 44cL cans, wrapped in a sticker with his portrait. Zusquoid shows them his grace by giving them Xocolatl, a drink of the Gods. This drink serves the warriors among the mortals, and provides energy for the civilization to thrive. Creamy in texture, like milk chocolate, but much more intense flavor, like the purest of raw cocoa. A hint of smoke from the ceremonial fires. Cinnamon, from the baked goods. Peppers, from the slow-cooked mōlli and nutty flavors from quinoa. A super food to make mortals stronger. Cheers!

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