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Moersleutel / Tiramisumo Triplets

Moersleutel / Tiramisumo Triplets

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Style:  Stout with vanilla, cocoa nibs, coffee and hazelnuts
Vol:  44cl
ABV:  11%
Nuts / Peanut: No
BBD: 24-01-2025

We aim at brewing beers that become legendary. We engineer big, bold and flavorful beers. Not for the faint of heart. They are made with the most exquisite and finest ingredients, carefully chosen by our Brewers, and sourced from the best Craftspeople.
Let it be known: we never compromise on quality and relentlessly seek perfection. Therefore, in every sip you take, you taste our brewing passion. So sit back, dare to pour yourself a Moersleutel beer and get ready to - truly - enjoy life!

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