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Moersleutel / Spelt Malt

Moersleutel / Spelt Malt

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Style:   Odd Grains Stout
Vol:  44cl
ABV:  11%
Nuts / Peanut: No
BBD: 12-05-2024

Do you like your imperial stouts to be sticky and thiiiick - but not overly sweet?

Pour yourself a glass of our new Spelt Malt.

It’s one of our current personal favorites.
Brewed with the beautiful grains from gyrupmalt . A family farm from Denmark who specializes in growing organic specialty malts.

Last time we brought you Emmer Malt. This Spelt Malt is bulkier and has a gorgeous mouthfeel and texture. I mean, did you see that luscious foam?! 🤤
It has a creamy roasted base, full on malt nutty flavor. For some balance and extra unique flavor, we played around with hop additions. This brings you a more aromatic and bitter beer than you're used to from us. Harmony is key. 🕊

The resinous flavors from Columbus hops dance together with creamy malt richness for an intense lingering hop flavor. 😘👌

No adjuncts, no additions. Just pure malt, hops, water and yeast. And a whole lot of looove.
Go get yourself a can while they last.

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