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Raisin awareness for dried grapes (Collab Galea)

Raisin awareness for dried grapes (Collab Galea)

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Style:  Rye wine
Vol:  44cl
ABV:  12%
Nuts / Peanut: No
BBD: 29-11-2024

Romans loved their wine. But we're brewers, we prefer grains over grapes. But that doesn't mean grapes are inferior. It is time that the revoke the grain and grape rivalry. It is time we team them together - just like we teamed up with our Belgian friends from Galea.

Layers and layers of rye malt build up an intense and expressive spicy character, enhanced with multiple hop additions for bitterness, flavor and aroma. For the final streak crimson raisins take the stage, fruity and fresh with a delicate aged character.
A beer to drink fresh or allow to age graciously for eternity.

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