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Moersleutel / Alexandre the Rye au Chocolat Maitre Pattisier

Moersleutel / Alexandre the Rye au Chocolat Maitre Pattisier

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Style:   Chocolate Stout
Vol:  44cl
ABV:  8%
Nuts / Peanut: No
BBD: 01-11-2024

Simplicity is beautiful. While France presents us with some of the most exquisite pastries of the world, it was pain au chocolat that inspired us. What is not to love?

It's fluffy, luxurious and leaves space to truly taste the star of the show: chocolate. Simple yet rich, just like the beer it inspired. A straight forward, yet rich and thick beer, layered with Tanzania selected cocoa nibs. But this is no ordinary choco stout. To add the complexity we love, and to deepen the cacao notes, we incorporated generous amounts of different rye malts. Giving the beer a velvety base, with a slight spicy character.
Sit back, and enjoy!

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