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6 Years Sjaak

6 Years Sjaak

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Style:  Imperial Stout BA with vanilla
Vol:  44cl
ABV:  14%
Nuts / Peanut: No
BBD: 08-06-2024

And last, but certainly not least. You guessed it: Sjaak (a.k.a. Sjacko the Wacko)! 🥳

Dad of the four brothers and also a multitalent at work at the brewery and Zomerdijk Engineering. If it wasn’t for his passion for engineering or brewing, we may never have had Moersleutel! Or maybe we did. It was probably fate. 😏🍻🔧

Sjaak goes around the brewery giving thumbs up to the brewers, whenever they do something that pleases him. Then suddenly shows up whenever there's a tasting, especially when there's a blending session for the new Barcode or Guild beers. He’s the mythical creature that appears whenever cans open. Smart guy, right? 😂

For this beer in his name, we had to step up the game.
That’s why we dug deep in our barrel amusement park and found the best Bourbon and Brandy barrels. 🔥

Making a refined and layered beer with hints of vanilla and chocolate. As the glass slowly warms in the palm of your hand, it develops a beautiful bouquet of flavors. Just like Sjaak’s jokes. Especially after a couple of glasses.

Luckily, he approved of this brew.
And when Sjaak approves, we know you’ll love it too.

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