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Moersleutel / 6 Years Rob

Moersleutel / 6 Years Rob

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Style:  TNEIPA 
Vol:  44cl
ABV:  10%
Nuts / Peanut: No
BBD: 19-01-2023

Second in line in our 6 Anniversary beers is ROB.
New England Triple IPA 🍻

Rob likes things hoppy. In fact, he likes things to be so hoppy he built a new hoprocket to brew this beer. Or, as one of the brewers described it; “Rob making a rocket making hoppiest Rob to make Rob happiest”. It sounds like a magical spell, and we think it actually is.

And of course, to reflect his refined taste, being in charge of the beer production at Moersleutel, Rob picked one of the most expensive hops on the market for his beer. 💁‍♂️

Eclipse hops from New Zealand. They’re super amazing and flavorful but still a little new on the market. New Zealand government won’t let distributors ship them out yet. You’d have to contact hop farms and hope they will send some to you directly. Since not too many farms are growing them yet, they’re a little rare to find.

But. This wouldn’t be Rob’s beer if it wouldn’t be packed with Eclipse hops. And Galaxy and Topaz.

This New England Triple IPA is thick, hoppy (oh duh!), a little sweet to balance the bitter and surprisingly fruity. It has a rich and satisfying texture and will have you keep coming back for another sip. 😏

Now, Rob would put vanilla in every beer, if he could. Actually, we once asked him what his superhero name would be. He ran out of the office shouting: “Vanilla Man!”. We haven’t talked about this alter ego since, but we’re dead curious to learn more about his superpowers. 🫣

Note, there’s no actual vanilla in this beer, but Rob thinks there is.
We’ll leave him in his fantasy. 😬

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