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Moersleutel / Nice to Mead you (collab with Marcus Medary)

Moersleutel / Nice to Mead you (collab with Marcus Medary)

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Style:  Tequila barrel aged barleywine with honey mead
Vol:  33cl
ABV:  13%
Nuts / Peanut: No

Marcus loves our beer. Moersleutel loves his mead (wine made with honey). How could two passions blend together? That's right, as simple as mixing them together. Purists will call it a braggot we just call it labor of love.

Dark-colored barleywine brewed in Alkmaar and aged graciously in Tequila barrels for over 9 months revealed to be the perfect blending canvas for Marcus mead. So our collab was brought to life. Sweet and bitter, barrel-aged yet slightly fresh. Alcoholic but yet drinkable. A special beverage for a special occasion.

A small can only, but superdeluxe beer you won't regret trying.
Don't just take our word for it. It was one of our highest rated beers on Untappd in 2022. Seems like you loved it too! Cheers.

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