What does it take to make a Mexicake?

What does it take to make a Mexicake?

Well, a hot mess in our brewery
And a cool guy with chef skills

Our beers are often loaded with adjuncts. Kilos of vanilla beans, coffee, cacao nibs and (last week) peppers pass the brewery. To get the best flavor out of them or not to get a spicy overkill it’s important to cut the peppers and for some of them leave the seeds out. It’s a time consuming job and takes up to a day to finish, in this case our dear Bobby got to do it and with his Michelin star chef skills he did an excellent job (we still don’t get why he left that job to come work with us, but hey we can’t complain).

Like you can guess, we just brewed a Smeerolie Mexicake! A classic sweet Moersleutel beer with real spiciness. In fact we used 4 types of peppers: arbol, chipotle, ancho and guajillo. In a few weeks we will release this banger with another surprise coming your way. Stay tuned!

Cheers 🔧🍻
The Moersleutel family

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