We come back in peace 🖖👽

We come back in peace 🖖👽
❗️2022 spoiler alert!❗️

We come back in peace 🖖👽

While there are still monsters in the making, coming to you very soon, we’re already planning 2022 earth visits. We did really enjoy making our pastry monsters this year. These thick creamy, nutty and sweet bad boys made us have fun with all sorts of flavors which was a real treat for both our brewers and Sleutelaars.

But… we came to the conclusion that our lactose friends are not making a return to our brewery. Next year we welcome new monsters, with the same thickness, booziness and sass, but without the C₁₂H₂₂O₁₁.

We’re really excited to assemble new recipes, create new flavors and enhance beer quality of our precious Monster series so more earthlings get to enjoy these beers!

Cheers 🍻🔧

The Moersleutel family
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