Killing our darling: Can Brûlée

Killing our darling: Can Brûlée
On another taste note, we’ve decided we’re not bringing back Can Brûlée in 2022.

This beer was received very well, but just wasn’t the runner we thought it would be. The style and taste being very specific and - perhaps - not really a beer for every day. We just had to make room for something new… Sorry to kill our darling, farewell sweet beauty 👋

Which style are you hoping for in our next years core range? 🙌 Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Cheers 🍻🔧

The Moersleutel family
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Agree with Spencer, with Motoroil and Crank….. the Coconut MS is one of the best beers you guys ever made!


Aztec Hot Chocolate should definitely be in the core range. Maybe not all year long, but I sure would want to drink it every winter/christmas season :-D

Richard de Jong

Oh my, PLEASE bring back the Smeerolie Coconut Milkshake. Absolutely ridiculous beer that will forever be in my Top 5.

Spencer Mallard

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