First Barcode 2022 coming soon?

First Barcode 2022 coming soon?
“When is the first Moersleutel Barcode of 2022 going to be released?!”

Sorry, we don’t have the answer for that. We solely let the barrels decide on their timing. Or like Rob would say it in a low dramatic voice:

“We don’t tell the barrels when they are ready, they whisper it to us.”

So for quite some months our Bourbon Belle Meade, Heaven Hill and Wild Turkey barrels were chilling quiet and unbothered, until…

Today! Sunny and crisp winter weather delighted us this morning while Gardner’s experimental jazz music filled the brewery with joy. A beautiful day for racking barrels we would say, and we were right!

Chef-turned-Barrel-whisperer Michiel followed the commands of the barrels and transfered the beer out and into our tanks. And now we can certainly tell you:

In a couple of weeks we’ll be releasing… A new Barcode! 🗯

Cheers 🍻🔧
The Moersleutel family
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