Backstory: Barcode series

Backstory: Barcode series
Story time! So many of you probably only know our Barcode Series for its popularity and high ratings. But little of you may know how the Barcode series has came to be.

Well, at the beginning of our journey we only did labels that didn’t have a barcode. At a certain point we switched to cans and still didn’t have barcodes. We were actually more focused on brewing the best beer and aging our beers to perfection, than keeping up with the whats and whos of label rules (or beer geek wishes for that matter).

After a while though we got more and more requests of people to put barcodes on our labels. So they could check our beers in more easily on Untappd. Us, being our nonconformative selves, ignored those requests and kept our eyes on creating big and bold quality beer. Till after a while we just had to give in…

But we didn’t give in a little, we gave in big. ‘You want a barcode? We’ll give you a barcode.’ We will make sure you know we gave in to your requests, but you will also never-ever be able to forget to check in these beers.

Obviously this was all just a joke we had a good laugh about, and are very proud that every single beer of our Barcode Series has an amazing rating. We are very excited to bring you even more Barcodes in the future. #letsmakeitlegendary 🍻🔧
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