5th brewery anniversary! 🍻🔧🎉

5th brewery anniversary! 🍻🔧🎉

Five years ago we started a family adventure with a jokingly hard to pronounce brandname and simple brew installation. Now half a decade later we’re still here, and here to stay. But we’re not sitting still. We’re on the move to create more complex, distinct and better craft beer then yesterday. Keeping our eyes on the road, ready for more adventures to come.


Great food, family games and beer are our favorite combination. That’s why this years anniversary series was based on just that. A decadent 5 course dinner with a nice game element to it. What do you do when you lose? You have to share your beer with the winner 🍻 let’s see what’s for dinner:


First served is a balanced and light aperitif to stimulate the appetite. Made with lovely smelling Egyptian Hibiscus flowers, nutrient Himalayan salt and tropical pink Guava.


After our aperitif we serve a medium heavy starter. With a full hoppy flavor and fruity aroma. Brewed with 4 beautiful and complementary hops: Azacca, Galaxy, Citra and Idaho7.


After the starter we neutralise our pallet with a bitter and citrusy West coast DIPA. Made with Cascade, Citra, Centennial, Columbus and Chinook hops.


A most decadent dinner is served made with 5 type of grains and 5 of our favorite adjuncts. together creating a dark, rich and intense pastry stout.


We're finishing this dinner party off with a whopping 16% freeze distilled black barley wine. With the flavor of caramel, chocolate and hazelnuts this is a perfect beer to end the night. Bon appétit!
So you’re probably wondering if there will be a party at the Scrapyard this year? Unfortunately due to busyness and obviously Corona we weren’t able to host a reception party at our taproom like last year. We are actually so busy in the brewery and at making machines that we could barely spare 2 brothers to be in this photo. We can’t really tell how next year is gonna be, but when the time comes to celebrate big. We will. For now however, our beers are available in our shop Moersleutel Craft Beer Shop and soon on tap at The Scrapyard
Cheers 🍻🔧
The Moersleutels family
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